Partnerships or other offers of help, we are mainly interested in the areas of 1) network infrastructure 2) cryptocurrency financial infrastructure (ATMs, LoRA radio payments) and 3) monetary investment into our projects.

Theoretical specialists such as professors, please state your level of education and a link to a list of your published papers. We also offer a nascent graduate programme for graduates looking to gain field experience.

Volunteers who want to work with us: right now our capacity is limited to deal with managing online contributors whose commitment is often questionable. We are mainly interested in people who want to come here and work with us. That means quite an investment of energy on our part to bring you here, look after you, give you the requisite training to be ready for work, so anybody contacting us to volunteer must be serious. Please fill out and send us this form.

Direct your enquiries to:

What is polytechnics?

Lewis Mumford in the book "Technics and Civilization" introduced the key idea that technology was twofold:

  • Polytechnic, which enlists many different modes of technology, providing a complex framework to solve human problems.
  • Monotechnic, which is technology only for its own sake, which oppresses humanity as it moves along its own trajectory.


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