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Samourai Devs Arrested is a Wake Up Call for Crypto

The US state has charged the Samourai Wallet devs with money laundering, continuing its persecution of devs who create cryptocurrency anonymity tools.

This can only mean one thing in the struggle for freedom: we have to step up our game.

Crypto influencers say stuff like:

"In the new millennium, cybermoney controlled by private markets will supersede fiat money issued by governments." ~ The Sovereign Individual

(And of course, if we believe them, they all knew from the beginning FTX was a sham exchange.)

Those are big words and should be backed up with action. But instead everyone is decrying the state of crypto, moralizing to the crowd while stealing from the sinking ship.

Meanwhile the crowd leaps to the next charlatan, following empty promises and repeating the cycle while they are robbed blind.

Talk is cheap. It should be a binding promise.

Deliver what you say or die by the mob.

"Join our Discord"

Any privacy project uttering this phrase should be immediately disregarded. Into the trash it goes.

The action against Samourai devs (who are ideological agorists) reveals that the state is moving in on anybody who challenges the status quo.

They got Samourai (and Tornado before them) because they were doxxed teams essentially. They ran centralized RPCs or other infra to make it easy for their (l)users.

As soon as a project utters this phrase it means they are not ready to fight for strong user anonymity. In fact, they won't do shit except cave and kneel when under the slightest pressure.

Crafting a doxxed userbase on a centralized proprietary product means they have no principle and don't believe their own words.

They are using words to sell you a product and that's it.

Being prepared to resist the surveillance megamachine means forming a completely dark ecosystem where operators are able to mobilize under protected cover.

It means engineering for maximal adversity. To be prepared for apocalyptic Permian-Triassic extinction level events.

It means learning from the strategies of guerillas freedom fighters. Freedom fighters defend the people. In exchange, the people lend out their homes and community spaces where fighers can mobilize and slip silently through, launching hit and run attacks on the hegemony and bleeding it dry in the long struggle of attrition.

We are forest rebels who seek to grow the dark forest of anonymity.

"Join our discord" means you don't believe in your own tech. Aren't you meant to be engineering the p2p anon future? Otherwise what's the real purpose of your token? Ah yes, more liquidity in the shitcoin casino.

"Oh, it's just user onboarding"

So you expect others to use your tech but you don't use it yourselves. The dogfood you manufacture is loaded with soy xenochemicals that even you dare not touch for the irreversible damage it will deal to your organization.

Here's a short history lesson: in 2012, the crypto-anarchists all thought that crypto prevailing over the nation states was scientifically guaranteed. We just had to sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle.

Everybody sat back and instead saw the industry hijacked by scammers — money people who believe in nothing except robbing retail. Then even some of those ideological people "matured" and started joining in on the robbery so they won't get left behind.

That's what it means when adults tell you about growing up and "becoming pragmatic". Becoming pragmatic is also code for kneeling to authority and accepting fate.

Let's do something fun together. Let's deny fate. The more of us that say no, the more fun it is. Deny the corrupt politicians. Opt out and say no. They are impotent. They cannot do anything to compel us to follow their arbitrary rules.

Fighting for freedom is more than cool memez or catchy sloganz. We have to lay down roots, anon. Dig your trench and construct defenses. Lets get digging.

When the onslaught happens, you will know the terrain. You are not invading their land (doxxed land), the state is a foreign occupier in your territory (anon land). Your resistance will prevail only when you realize this.

"But... criminals!"

I'll quickly address this trope of calling us criminals. Ernst Jünger says the vast majority of media involves criminals. The popular fascination with the criminal indicates how far the law has become dubious. People have a widespread sense of being under foreign occupation.

The true criminals are those in power. We've all heard the scandals and corruption. Globalist power is no longer a moral authority — simply a triumphant one which uses sophistry and manipulation to secure election cycles. Instead they point to us, the people, as criminals.

They are criminals. We are forest rebels and defenders of free society. Free society is under foreign occupation by criminals.

They set the morality while stealing everything from us. Then they judge us by the morality they created! We cannot be judged on an equal level, just as a poor and rich man cannot be judged the same.

Their time is over, and we must now look to the future beyond the old paradigm. The future is latent with possibility and as the moment narrows down, now more than ever, we must keep our eye locked onto target and speed towards it.

With haste anon!

RegFi-DarkFi Split

Crypto will split into two. RegFi will be unusable and bolted down. It will be toothless. The other side will be the underground DarkFi. It will have bite.

Anon-First Engineering from First Principles

DarkFi realizes these issues. All our dev contributors commit through Tor on codeberg on an anon account.

Our core chat is on our own fully anon p2p darkirc:

We have a thriving online dedicated community. All our communication happens over p2p anonymous chat. Soon there will be GUIs for the masses.

Nothing like this chat exists in the world. It's completely p2p and anonymous. When you type /nick foo you change your name to foo. All your messages are completely unlinkable. We are dedicated 100% to this vision of fully anon (unlinkable messages) p2p chat. That's why I say it's the only anon censorship-resistant chat in the world.

We use a fully anon p2p task manager.

All our software works over Tor and we're dedicated to first class Tor support.

We also just audited anon DAO which passed with flying colors. It's the world's first and only fully anonymous DAO. Most so-called private DAOs only have blinded voting but ours is completely anon:

  • You cannot see the token-weighted value of the vote (so no fixed-size denominations or anything like that).
  • Identities fully hidden and all actions completely unlinkable. You cannot see a user voting in different proposals.
  • The treasury and all its actions are completely dark.
  • The contents and all metadata of DAO proposals are completely anon.

Moving to on-chain governance is more than a talking point for DarkFi. It's an essential strategy for our survival. You can put me in jail but DarkFi will continue to thrive.


We're now getting ready to release our final testnet, which is the last major release before mainnet.

For those interested to contribute funds, check out LunarDAO.

It's going to happen this year so stay tuned for more news.

Come And Take It!

We've all seen Tornado and now Samourai devs being arrested. Maybe you even know about Ross Ulbricht, the first heroic freedom fighter that was jailed for our cause. But it goes deeper than that because the state is also assasinating people (Jstark, John McAfee and Nikolai Mushegian).

We are ready. We are well prepared. Nobody can stop us. We've been laying down roots for years.

"Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof." ~ V for Vendetta

You can kill a person but you cannot kill an idea whose time has come.

Come and take it!

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